Who Are the Clients of 180 Degrees Consulting Hamburg?

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··Who Are the Clients of 180 Degrees Consulting Hamburg?

In the following weeks before we start the new cycle in May we try to reach out to as many as possible potential clients to offer them our services.

We are reaching out to clients who show one or more characteristics similar to these:

Are a non profits with limited manpower and need help in their future development in the areas of strategy,partnerships, marketing or operations.

  • Are a businesses with a strong focus on social or environmental impact. Employ people who are strongly disadvantaged on the job market
  • Have very high standards on how their business effects an environment on every stage of the production chain
  • Having a business model with a focus educating or mentoring people with disadvantaged backgrounds.

After we sit down with a potential client and develop an understanding of their challenging we will assign a team of 3 or 4 students to our client who will work with their client for the next 4 months on the pro-Bono basis.

Some of our previous clients include:

Bridge and Tunnel: B&T designs and produces a denim products from a denim material donated to them while employing people heavily disadvantaged on the job market. We helped them to evaluate their current product portfolio, created a framework for making a sound decisions about the pricing and costs of their future products and proposed some improvements to their marketing communication.

Refuge Canteen: RC is the project from the company Gastrolotsen which trains the local refugees for the jobs in the sectors of gastronomy and hospitality. We helped them to develop an mobile application which helps the trainees to rehearse and practice the material learned during the intensive classes and training they take during the training.

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About the author:

Martin is a current co-president of the Hamburg branch of 180 Degrees Consulting.