Who Are the Clients of 180 Degrees Consulting Hamburg?

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··Who Are the Clients of 180 Degrees Consulting Hamburg?

An introduction to our clients’ profiles

Before the start of the new cycle in May 2019, we reached out to as many as possible potential clients to offer them our services.

Our work is grounded on helping businesses that align with us with valuable ethical pillars, such as enhancing social impact, empowering communities, fostering sustainability and targeting empathy. Our clients are aligned with our core values, and are usually rounded along similar characteristics.

  • Non-profits with high social committment but limited manpower and specific expertise.

    Our support to non-profits, such as NGOs, touches a wide ranges of strategic areas but is particularly requested in drafting future business developments. We grant effective support in the areas of strategy via market researches, partnerships and initial fundings via crowdfunding or fundraising inputs.
  • Businesses with a strong focus on social or environmental impact.

    Our support to for-profits touches various strategic issues in business realities with a strong social or environmental impact. We offer extensive consulting services in cracking open strategic issues in operations, in-depth support in the marketing field and market analysis to base future strategic operations and decisions. Our services are also highly requested in the field of qualitative or quantitative impact assessment.
  • Businesses with a clear perspective of their social and environmental footprint

    We particularly match with businesses that have very high standards on how their activities effect the environment along every stage of the production and value chains. Moreover, we also convey our consulting services into businesses that consider their own social footprint. We support business models with a focus in educating, mentoring or employing disadvantaged communities.

We are always eager to get to know like-minded business and non-profit realities!

After an initial sit-down and gethering, we aim to develop a deep understanding of our clients’ business model and their current challenges. Based on the strategic issue to tackle, a group of 3 to 4 volunteering consultants will be assigned, based on their academic backgrounds and professional experience. The volunteering consultants will start closely working with the clients for the next 4 months on a pro-bono basis. All along the consulting period, professional mentoring from senior consultants and business partners will be offered to match the high-quality output expected by our clients.

Two Previous Clients

Some of our previous clients that we support in our current Cycles in 2018 are Bridge and Tunnel and Refugee Canteen, both based in Hamburg and working closely with 180DC to maximise their social impact.

Bridge and Tunnel: B&T designs and produces a denim products from a denim material donated to them while employing people heavily disadvantaged on the job market. We helped them to evaluate their current product portfolio, created a framework for making a sound decisions about the pricing and costs of their future products and proposed some improvements to their marketing communication.

Refuge Canteen: RC is the project of the company Gastrolotsen, training local refugees for jobs in gastronomy and hospitality. We helped them to develop an mobile application which helps the trainees to rehearse and practice the material learned during the intensive classes and training they are provided with.