Why Consulting for 180DC Hamburg

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··Why Consulting for 180DC Hamburg

During the last cycles we have been recruiting each semester 12 to 16 consultants to work together with local non-profits and social businesses in Hamburg on the challenges they face.

Our consultants are primarily students of bachelors and masters programs of the Hamburg universities or people who completed their studies recently. That said, we are open to applicants who are already working full time on their careers and want to help us during their free time.

Since our consultants work with us on a voluntary basis, we are trying to send as much value their way as possible in the form of:

  • workshops with professional consultants, as well as with freelancers and alumni on business-oriented skills like public speaking or design thinking;
  • networking opportunities during our numerous events. Our guests and partners include our former and current clients, partners, and professionals from the consulting industry in Hamburg;
  • consulting experience that provides you the necessary experience and knowledge to enter the world of professional consulting or of socially-conscious organizations.

If you are interested in becoming a Consultant at180 DC Hamburg, apply here. After a short screening interview you will be invited to our Assessment Center. Our organization works in 2 cycles:

  • Winter Cycle (October-March)
  • Summer Cycle (April-September).

We organize the interviews and Assessment Center one month before the start of each cycle (October and April). Within these two months we are building the teams and assigning them to our clients. Meaning that if we receive your application in June, you will be invited to the interview and Assessment Center in October, and will be assigned to the clients who have applied for our consulting services for the Winter Cycle.

If you want to broaden your network while helping the local non-profits and social businesses in Hamburg, becoming a consultant with us is a choice you won’t regret. Moreover, it also provides you the chance to take a glimpse at our work and understand how consulting is being done. In case you have any questions contact us at recruitment.hh@180dc.org.