What Is Social Impact Consulting?

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··What Is Social Impact Consulting?

Social Impact vs. Traditional Management Consulting

First question you may ask when you come across the term social impact consulting is how it differs from the traditional management consulting.

While traditional management consulting focuses on improving the performance of organizations often following the “best practices” in the industry, social impact consulting takes a broader approach and focuses on creating social improvements for several stakeholders involved in the organization. In other words, social impact consulting doesn’t only create improved shareholder value, but also long-lasting and sustainable improvements to everyone who is directly or indirectly involved in the activities of the social impact consulting organization. In the case of 180 Degrees Consulting, an important factor of all of its operations is also the fact that the organization runs on bro bono basis – this meaning that employees do not receive salary and clients are not obliged to pay for the consulting services.

Have a look in the below video what 180 Degrees Consulting is all about!

Creating Social Impact at 180 Degrees Consulting Hamburg

Since its foundation in 2015, the social impact and student consulting organization 180DC Hamburg has provided quality consulting services to more than 25 social enterprises and NGOs in the Hamburg area.

The vision of 180 DC Hamburg is to improve the effectiveness of non-profits and social enterprises in Hamburg and to create measurable social impact in the society. This is achieved by providing innovative and sustainable solutions to the problems of various social and charitable projects. The clients of 180DC Hamburg are social enterprises or non-profit organizations that have a socially, environmentally or ethically sustainable nature. 180DC Hamburg is a part of the global network of 180 Degrees Consulting branches that encompass more than 35 countries, 150 branches and 5200 successfully executed consulting projects.

More than 100 student consultants have already been chosen as social impact consultants to work on exciting projects while learning new valuable skills in various trainings and workshops on topics like project management, social consulting and non-profit management. 180DC Degrees hence provides its consultants with important skills and hands-on experience that are vital building blocks in their future careers.

Besides contributing to long-lasting and sustainable change in the social non-profits around Hamburg and providing the consultants with trainings and improved career possibilities, 180 Degrees Consulting Hamburg emphasizes also the importance of community, creating new friendships and expanding one’s professional network. Community is also one of the four fundamental pillars of 180DC Hamburg: social impact, community, sustainability and empathy.

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