2nd Best Consulting Project

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··2nd Best Consulting Project

180 Degrees Consulting 2021 Global Awards

Each year, 180 Degrees conducts a lengthy and thorough process to review and recognise the impact our branches deliver all around the world, through:
Consulting Awards that celebrate project teams who have delivered the highest quality consulting work for non-profits and social enterprises
Branch Awards that celebrate Branch Leadership teams who go above and beyond to plan, recruit, train and coordinate our volunteers to deliver their impactful project work

The image shows the results of the Best Consulting Project Global Awards.

Tricargo Project

During the winter consulting cycle of 2020/2021, a team of consultants from 180DC Hamburg was working with the client, the Hamburg-based e-bike manufacturer, Tricargo. Their project results and deliverables were amazing and after the final event, we were left with a very satisfied client. Eight months later, our client had introduced noticeable changes within its organization based on the recommendations given in the final report.

On top of that, we were one of the winners of the Global Awards Ceremony. This award shows that the project was on a world-class level and that our organization provides high-quality consulting services to our clients.

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