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A few words from Cassini

Cassini was founded with the aim of establishing a new form of consulting: one that is in sync with the digital age, that recognizes the changing needs of its clients and stands by them as partners. 

Our consultants work with visionary spirit, courage and entrepreneurial thinking. We see ourselves as entrepreneurs who take responsibility for what we do. At the same time, we are the people with expertise who are on a level with the best in their field. And the ones who turn this enormous knowledge into real competitive advantages for our clients. That makes us a true partner – even when traditional value chains shift and market leaders begin to falter. 

At Cassini, we combine the megatrend of digitalization with the guiding principle of sustainability for long-term success and greater sustainability. Together with our clients, we shape the digital transformation and establish the fundamentals for digitally responsible corporate governance as part of our client’s corporate digital responsibility: economically, ecologically and socially sustainable. We support companies in fulfilling the legal and regulatory requirements of the Sustainable Development Goals and ESG criteria. 

According to the business magazine “brandeins”, Cassini is one of the best management consultancies in Germany. On the Lünendonk list “Leading Management Consultancies in Germany”, Cassini was able to claim 14th place in 2021. Several DAX corporations and important federal authorities as well as the most agile medium-sized companies belong to Cassini’s clientele. With around 350 consultants at several German locations, Cassini helps executives and decision-makers to build and implement a suitable digital strategy.

Our consultants support companies as sparring partners in their digital sustainable transformation. In this way, we collectively contribute to authentic sustainable development

Cassini consultants have been supporting the Hamburg branch of 180 Degrees Consulting during the Mid-Cycle Event with their expertise and advice.

Oliver Rösch

How did you come to Cassini and what is your focus?

I joined Cassini more than three years ago when I was asked by a former colleague if I would like to join Cassini. My primary areas of expertise are IT project-, process- and test management. Three topics which are sometimes very closely related to each other, but are also quite unique and exciting on their own.

What has been your biggest challenge in your projects so far?

As a project manager, you learn with the tasks you are given. The steepest learning curve I had was when I had to reactivate a decommissioned data centre from an insolvency estate and orchestrate several international stakeholders for this purpose.

What tips do you have for beginners?

No matter what happens, always try to stay cool. Assess the situation, expect the worst in case of doubt, accept it and then rejoice in the realization that the worst case never really happens anyway. Everyone has the absolute right to make mistakes in order to learn from them. And: deal with the topic of time management from an early point in time.

Cristina Liese

How did you come to Cassini and what is your focus?

I started at Cassini in 2016 with a professional background in online marketing, focusing on social media and SEO. During my time at Cassini, I supervised projects in the environment of IT infrastructure and managed them as a project manager. 

What has been your biggest challenge in your projects so far?

A Windows 10 Workplace rollout in seven European countries within eight months. The project not only fell in the time of Corona and lockdowns but was also under the influence of corporate restructuring. This was an enormous challenge for the customer’s organization and the project team, but in the end, the project was successfully completed on time.

What tips do you have for beginners?

Ask questions as often as necessary and until the task or issue is clear. Ask the customer and your contacts if they have the same understanding of the facts. Avoidable errors in the implementation of projects often result from unclear communication.

Thank you Cassini Consulting for the collaboration and for providing us with the materials that allowed creating this text.

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