New Partner: JABS Consulting

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··New Partner: JABS Consulting

JABS joins the 180DC network!

JABS Consulting is a Hamburg-based consultancy that is fully committed to supporting sustainable and adaptable digital transformations to its clients and partners. The wide range of services offered spans through diverse academic and professional backgrounds. Their mission is grounded on values of multisectorial and multicultural backgrounds:

“We provide hands-on, high-quality consulting to dedicated clients by attracting and developing talent from diverse background”

JABS Consulting‘s pitched expertise is rounded on Agile frameworks, such as Scrum or SAFe, especially in business realities that rely on a high level of teamworking. JABS Consulting offers extended workshops in manifold areas, such as in highlighting a clear vision and mission, in Objectives and Key Results (OKR) and in maximizing improvement that groups can grant business strategies.

180 Degrees Consulting Hamburg and Jabs Consulting

As a student consultancy highly reliant on a committed and varied team, 180 Degrees Consulting consistently aims at improving the style and quality of teamwork within our branch. We are therefore happy to announce that 180 Degrees Consulting Hamburg closed a partnership agreement with JABS Consulting.

In the upcoming cycle, all consultants and Board Members of 180 Degrees Consulting will engage in a two-session workshop to perfectionate inter-group working style and preparing for an already thrilling Consulting Cycle 2022.

Thanks to the proved expertise of JABS in coaching and Agile, our Board Members are trained in maximising their consulting performance. Collaborative workstyles, teamwork and unpacking consulting issues have been the central focus of our last workshops.

Looking forward to volunteer, create social impact and get professional expertise in consulting?

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