Welcome to Winter Cycle 22/23!

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··Welcome to Winter Cycle 22/23!

Hello 180DCians,

Season’s greetings and a very warm welcome to the Winter Semester 2022-2023 cycle. Here’s a short glimpse of what’s happened so far and what we are looking forward to in the coming days!  

About our Workshops… 

We were invited to two workshops that were national this time, held online all across all 180DC centres. One was on how to make effective presentations in PowerPoint by Heinrich Rusche, the CRO at Building Radar, and an ex-consultant with McKinsey. He also has his own youtube channel called Firm Learning, with informative videos and a huge fan following.  The other workshop was on perfectioning Excel skills in the consulting field by EY. Both workshops received a phenomenal response with over 80 people participating. We hope to continue the legacy and conduct more workshops across centres!  

JABs Consulting conducted one workshop with the 180 DC Hamburg Board on how to plan and achieve good results with the Agile framework

As always, our upcoming mid-cycle event will be together with Cassini Consulting, where consultants will get an opportunity to showcase their work-in-progress to professionals and seek their inputs and guidance on the course ahead.  

From our Human Resources… 

We started our Winter Cycle on 18th October 2022 by presenting 180DC Hamburg through lecture visits across different faculties and universities. During the recruitment phase, we also held two online info sessions on 08th November 2022 and 22nd November 2022 to clarify any questions our candidates may have about the application process.

The journey of our consultants started with a 30-minute interview and was assessed by board members through Assessment Center with an objective, transparent process on 29th November 2022. We are glad to welcome 11 consultants from different study backgrounds and nationalities to work closely with us during this cycle. Finally, the consulting journey began with a Kick-Off Event on 03rd December 2022, followed by a Training Day about the consulting world on 04th December.  

Updates from our Partnerships!

We are co-ordinating for more alliances that will be fruitful, once they are finalised, they will be shared on our social platforms and newsletter. We encourage you to follow our social handles, stay updated and share the content you like!

And our Clients! 

We, at 180DC Hamburg, have initiated projects with 3 clients during this Cycle. We are happy to introduce BooksBite, Mushlabs, and WeDress!  

BooksBite is an ideational project envisioning a different type of a physical bookstore to be opened in Hamburg. It plans to not only sell special editions of comics and graphic novels, but also to become a reference point for artists to join together and share their art.  

Mushlabs is a start-up ready to enter the market with meat alternatives from mushrooms’ mycelia, looking for inspiration and creativity in establishing their marketing campaign and branding.  

WeDress is a fashion start-up fighting unsustainable fast fashion by allowing customers to rent clothes on its platform. 

Would you like to share something for the next blog post? Just email us! 

Manish Sharma

Konrad Schönberger
Partnerships & Marketing