March 30, 2019


Who we are and what we do

With over 100 branches in over 30 countries, 180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s leading, university-based consultancy. On a global scale, over 8000 consultants have worked on over 2500 projects. The Hamburg branch was founded in 2015. Ever since, we created social change by consulting over 25 social businesses and NGOs in the Hamburg area and by working with over 100 student consultants.

180 Degrees Consulting Hamburg connects the expertise of students with the needs of social enterprises and NGOs. We determine the root of our clients’ problems, helping them streamline their work and enhance their social impact on the society. Our work is built on top of the following pillars: social impact, community, sustainability, and empathy.

During each cycle, our consultants get prepared to work with social organizations and their social-impact-based business models. Workshops and training are provided by us and our partners to ensure that everyone develops professional and social skills. We learn together about our strengths and weaknesses to understand how synergies can be created within groups with people with different backgrounds.


Our work would not be possible without the support of our partners. Socially-minded organizations that understand the importance of our work and help us deliver the best experience to both student consultants and clients. Therefore, we are grateful to:

EBC Hochschule is a private business school in Hamburg, Berlin, and Düsseldorf, Germany. It offers Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in business and management. EBC is our oldest partner, supporting us financially and logisitcally. 

S&Z (Schlange, Zamostny & Co. GmbH, Hamburg and S&Z North America, NYC) is a consultancy specializing in corporate responsibility and sustainable development. S&Z stands for high quality management consulting in the fields of strategy, climate protection, supply chain and impact measurement as well as credible, target group oriented sustainability reports.

Logo Schlange & Co

Cassini is a consulting organization which focuses on the impact the radical impact brought by the digital revolution upon the traditional business models. They help us by providing training and workshops in the area of consulting, as well as support and advice to the consulting teams.

LimeSurvey GmbH is a Hamburg-based company that governs the development of the free open source survey tool LimeSurvey, providing it as a SaaS soluton or as a self-hosted Community Edition. As partner, they help us with IT know-how, as well as with survey research tools.

Zulip is a free open source chat and collaborative software tool, Kandra Labs providing commercial Zulip hosting and on-premises support. As partners, we benefit from their professional Zulip hosting. 

In case you have any questions about us and our activities, do not hesitate to write us anytime!