July 27, 2019

Become a consultant

Welcome! We are excited to have you participate in our recruitment process and look forward to meeting you very soon!


Our two consulting cycles match the university semesters. They all start with an application phase, after which the project is developed and finalized
The Winter Cycle begings in September and stretches until March, while the Summer Cycle begins in March and concludes in July.





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After an internal screening of the applications, you will be invited to a 30-minute presentation call to know each other. After that, you will be invited to attend to our Assessment Center. Here you will presented with a short case study, which is useful for us to analyze how you interact with your potential colleagues. At any moment, we are happy to answer any potential questions you may have.

You do not need to prepare anything in advance. What we are eager to know is you! Just be yourself!

As the applications to 180DC are quite selective, we take in consideration previous work or volunteering experience, focusing on the applicant's ability to work in a team and provide tangible results. We highly value applicants that deeply engage with others, that show a proactive attitude and particular excitement when it comes to the causes we support!

We are sorry to hear that! In rare occasions, we open our application period to a second brief application period. In any case, 180DC will be active again in the next semester for the following consulting cycle.


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