July 27, 2019

Become a consultant


The year is divided in two consulting cycles: Summer and Winter cycle, respectively. Each cycle is divided into the following periods:


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FAQs - for students

We try to keep the 180 semester going as best we can, but there are some restrictions due to COVID-19. Therefore the semester will be held online in large parts, e.g. workshops. Depending on the current situation we also arrange personal meetings in small groups.

We take in consideration previous work or volunteering experience, focusing on the applicant’s ability to work in team, engage with others, and overall excitement when it comes to causes we support.

Your tasks and responsibilities differ slightly depending your role. As a Consultant you are active part of one client project team and you contribute with your knowledge and expertise to the consulting project. As a Team Leader you additionally take responsibility for the management of the project. You will coordinate the other team members and be the contact person for the client and the 180 DC Board.

In case you send us your applications few days after the deadline, we are willing to consider it and invite you to our screening interview. However, applications received during the consulting cycle will be reviewed before the start of the next cycle.

After a short screening online call, you will be invited to attend our assessment center where we get to know you in person. We analyse how you interact with your potential colleagues during our case studies and answer any potential questions you may have.

We welcome the student applications from all fields of study. Although, most of our consultants have business or engineering background, we are actively trying to make our consultant cohort diverse. The most important skills for our consultants are proactivity, curiosity, and effective teamwork.

Your time commitment will be spread between meeting your team in person, visiting your client, and attending our workshops and events. In general, your weekly time commitment would be in the range of 6 to 12 hours per week.

You will be invited to join us as consultant or team leader for next cycle. The most engaged consultants are encouraged to join our board, and help us organinizing consulting cycles.

No, consultants and board members receive no monetary compensation.