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Written by: Jussi Larkovuo

What Is Social Impact Consulting?

Social Impact vs. Traditional Management Consulting First question you may ask when you come across the term social impact consulting is how it differs from the traditional management consulting. While traditional management consulting focuses on improving the performance of organizations often following the “best practices” in the industry, social impact consulting takes a broader approach and focuses on creating social improvements for several stakeholders involved in the organization. In other words, social impact consulting doesn’t

CSR: Interview with Schlange & Zamostny

A few words about S&Z Consulting You may have come across the terms sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) before, but have you heard about sustainability consulting? The big family of consulting services may lead you think of more traditional areas, such as management consulting, strategic consulting, IT or engineering consulting. However, phenomena like global warming and more and more pressing social issues in the business world have made companies gradually sensitized of their environmental,

Three Reasons Why Teamwork Matters

The Benefits of Teamwork Have you ever heard about the phrase: “Talent wins games, bAut teamwork and intelligence win championships”? The world champion Michael Jordan can be considered the golden symbol that alone we can do so little, but it is actually when the group comes together that the uninaginable can be reached. If we look in the Oxford Dictionary, teamwork refers to the “combined action of a group, especially when effective and efficient”. Everyone