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180DC Hamburg is Best Consulting Project

The 180 Degrees Consulting 2021 Global Awards winners have been announced! Every year the world’s biggest student consultancy 180 Degrees conducts a lengthy and thorough process to review and recognize the impact that all branches delivered around the world. The 180 Degrees Consulting Global Awards designate not only the branch that has delivered an extensive plan to establish a well-rounded consulting work, but also award the project teams that delivered the highest quality consulting work.

Why Consulting for 180DC Hamburg

During the last cycles we have been recruiting each semester 12 to 16 consultants to work together with local non-profits and social businesses in Hamburg on the challenges they face. Our consultants are primarily students of bachelors and masters programs of the Hamburg universities or people who completed their studies recently. That said, we are open to applicants who are already working full time on their careers and want to help us during their free

Summer Cycle 2019: Kick-Off Weekend

Unwrapping the Kick-Off SC 2019 Our Summer Cycle 2019 was officially started last weekend with the clients introduction on Friday followed by trainings and workshops on Saturday. Our Kick-Off Weekend began on Friday evening where our consultants met their clients in person for the first time. Samantha from Joblinge AG presented their initiative and the challenges they face in their development here in Hamburg. In 2017 their Hamburg branch managed to help more than 70

Winter Cycle 2018: Final Event

Unwrapping the Final Event WC 2018 As every cycle, we celebrated the results of the work our consultants have done during the past four months with our Final Event. Our consultants presented the short summaries of their work to their clients and our partners, friends and people interested in our work. Our hosts for this evening and clients for this cycle leetHub provided us with an ideal place to host our event. We were also

Who Are the Clients of 180 Degrees Consulting Hamburg?

Before the start of the new cycle in May 2019, we reached out to as many as possible potential clients to offer them our services. Our work is grounded on helping businesses that align with us with valuable ethical pillars, such as enhancing social impact, empowering communities, fostering sustainability and targeting empathy. Our clients are aligned with our core values, and are usually rounded along similar characteristics. Non-profits with high social committment but limited manpower