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Welcome to Winter Cycle 22/23!

Hello 180DCians, Season’s greetings and a very warm welcome to the Winter Semester 2022-2023 cycle. Here’s a short glimpse of what’s happened so far and what we are looking forward to in the coming days!   About our Workshops…  We were invited to two workshops that were national this time, held online all across all 180DC centres. One was on how to make effective presentations in PowerPoint by Heinrich Rusche, the CRO at Building Radar, and

Consulting Tips: Interview with Cassini

A few words from Cassini Consulting Cassini Consulting was founded with the aim of establishing a new form of consulting, one that is in synch with the digital age, that recognized the changing needs of its clients and stands by them as partners. The consultants in Cassini work with visionary spirit, courage and entrepreneurial thinking. We at Cassini see ourselves as entrepreneurs who take responsibility for what we do. At the same time, we are

Student Engagement: Interview with PIASTA

Introducting the PIASTA student organization The University of Hamburg (UHH) is definitely home to a lively student activity! The Program International for All Students und Alumni (PIASTA) is a student organization and program run by the Department of International Affairs at the University of Hamburg. As part of the the world’s biggest student consultancy, 180 Degrees Consulting Hamburg supports the mission in promoting the rigorous interculturality at the University of Hamburg. It is with great

What Is Social Impact Consulting?

Social Impact vs. Traditional Management Consulting First question you may ask when you come across the term social impact consulting is how it differs from the traditional management consulting. While traditional management consulting focuses on improving the performance of organizations often following the “best practices” in the industry, social impact consulting takes a broader approach and focuses on creating social improvements for several stakeholders involved in the organization. In other words, social impact consulting doesn’t

Three Reasons Why Teamwork Matters

The Benefits of Teamwork Have you ever heard about the phrase: “Talent wins games, bAut teamwork and intelligence win championships”? The world champion Michael Jordan can be considered the golden symbol that alone we can do so little, but it is actually when the group comes together that the uninaginable can be reached. If we look in the Oxford Dictionary, teamwork refers to the “combined action of a group, especially when effective and efficient”. Everyone

My Journey in 180DC – From Consultant to Board Member

Hola, my name is Marc, and I was contributing to 180DC as a consultant, as well as a board member during the last two cycles. Since I’ll be starting my master studies abroad, I have to accept the fact that I’ll be leaving the Hamburg branch. Nevertheless, I’d like to share my personal experience with the organization in this blog post. Ever since I heard about the ideas of the Triple Bottom Line and CSR