November 10, 2020


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Mushlabs is a biotech start-up providing mushroom-based protein alternatives to meat, following the vision of creating a sustainable and equitable food system to approach the climate crisis.

The project aims at developing an innovative differentiation strategy, positioning Mushlabs effectively relative to competing brands offering plant-based products.

WeDress is a Hamburg-based start-up that aspires to reshape patterns of consumption and make the fashion industry more sustainable by providing a platform to rent high-profile and everyday pieces of clothing.

Our consultants will assist WeDress holistically in the process of publishing its first complete Impact Report.

BooksBite strives to establish a bookstore in Hamburg that connects like-minded people and functions as an exchange hub for individuals with different backgrounds and ideas.

180 DC Hamburg will conduct profound market research and suggest a relevant, customer-centered Unique Selling Point (USP) facilitating BookBite's successful market entry.


We have been providing valuable consulting to social and
non-governmental organizations in the Hamburg area since 2015.
Our expertise has stretched over more than 40 organizations.

Tricargo develops and operates clean and energy-efficient cargo bicycles to follow its vision of establishing sustainable mobility solutions for green cities of the future. Moreover, the organisation aims to establish competitively viable transportation alternatives, gradually forcing loud, space-consuming trucks and other vehicles out of the city centre.

The project focused on developing a marketing strategy for Tricargo’s e-bike, targeting potential customers more effectively. Our consultants exhibited a strong performance, finishing as runners-up in the 2021 Global 180 Degrees Consulting Competition for the best project in the entire EMEA region.

The goal? Freeing our world from “wild plastic” by collecting plastic waste dumped into nature and recycling the plastic to create new, valuable products. Besides diminishing plastic’s harmful effect on ecosystems and reducing carbon emissions, Wildplastic collaborates with local organizations in countries lacking an advanced waste management system, empowering people to reduce pollution in the future.

Our consulting services contained establishing transparent and standardised social impact guidelines to display how Wildplastic intends to achieve its goals. Moreover, the consultants developed a coherent framework to identify potential partners that adhere to these guidelines, just as Wildplastic does.

Collaborating closely with FC St. Pauli and Viva Con Agua, the Millerntor Gallery creates a vibrant forum of art, music, and culture for a good cause. Numerous international artists exhibit their work in a joint approach to expedite positive change. All proceeds support a range of charitable projects, providing individuals with access to clean drinking water.

The Millerntor organizers noticed that considerable shares of the artwork would not sell at the four-day event. Hence, our branch was tasked with creating a state-of-the-art marketing and sales strategy to make the artwork accessible to potential buyers.

Hanseatic Help collects clothing, hygiene, and other essential articles. The organization distributes them to numerous non-profit organizations, offering pragmatic and unbureaucratic aid to people in need, domestically and in areas of crisis worldwide.

Our consultants provided a plan to incentivize companies to donate specific high-demand items, analysing how Hanseatic Help could take a more active approach to fundraising and launching combined efforts with corporate partners. Moreover, our team identified new recipients for surplus donations and investigated more efficient ways to increase distribution output.



As part of the 180DC Hamburg network, our consultants engage in a constant learning process, supported by consulting experts and field professionals tailored to the projects assigned. During each cycle, workshops and events are conducted to provide consultants with hands-down knowledge to assist clients with quality work.



As one of the Big Four and our partner, EY engaged the 180DC network of consultants and engaged students in a training session about consulting services and processes. Relevant insights and knowledge about consulting skills were acquired and ready to be put into practice.


Elected as the best sustainability and CSR consulting in Europe in 2020, S&Z partners with 180DC with recurring workshops focused on the importance of sustainability in supply chains. Interactive workshops with S&Z always come along with substantial knowledge of legal regulations.


As professionals in the mangement and IT sectors, Cassini Consulting partners with 180DC and follows the student consultants during a Mid-Cycle Event. Our consultants are thus supported with a professional overview of their projects and significant improvements in the work provided to clients.


Thanks to the proved expertise of JABS Consulting in coaching and Agile teamwork, our Board Members are trained in maximising their consulting performance. Collaborative workstyles, teamwork, and unpacking consulting issues have been the central focus of our last workshop.