November 10, 2020


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Current Projects

The goal of the company is to support the development of a sustainable future. The company will do this by connecting all the vendors, manufacturers & suppliers globally, and making it easier for them to increase their sustainability.

This organization offers the right platform to the fashion shop owner via a Shopify app. It calculates the CO2 emissions of the fashion items sold in the shop, enabling customers to analyze the environmental impact within their shopping cart. With their Climate Project Partners, they are offsetting emissions and trying to achieve an additional environmental impact.

Their mission is to ensure that non-profits and social enterprises are committed to sustainability, education, health, and poverty alleviation and are able to reach their full social impact potential. The first step of this partnership is for the Hamburg branch to evaluate the impact of the Berlin branch with a future impact measurement. This partnership between the Hamburg and the Berlin branch is the first cooperation and has the potential to be used as an example for other European or global branches and also help in providing better service to the future clients.

Bodenbox (The Soil Box) is a project focussing on the advancement of soil fertility. It helps people in cultivating their land to find improvement possibilities through soil analysis. Guided through the process by the information material and practical tasks sent out by the company, the customers can apply it to the areas of land they are cultivating and later develop individual strategies. This unique system can also be integrated as general educational material.

Expedition Humanity will establish a firsthand charity where the donors would feel like giving their donation in person and feel the gratitude of the beneficiaries. Through their social platform, they will focus on the young generation that corresponds to their usage behaviour and provide 100% transparency in every detail and background information of the beneficiaries. 

Past Clients

We have been providing consulting services to social and non-governmental organization in the area of Hamburg since 2015. Our work has helped the following organizations:

A Glimpse of Our Work


Founded in 2013 by Constanze Klotz and Hanna Charlotte Erhorn, Bridge&Tunnel is a sustainable fashion and interior design label from Hamburg. They produce socially sustainable denim products by employing socially disadvantaged people such as long-term unemployed people and refugees. To reduce their ecological footprint, all their products are made out of post- and pre-consumer waste which leads to a series of unique interior, fashion, and accessories designs. Our consulting services contained recommendations in the fields of marketing, finance, and sales.

EBC Hochschule

EBC Hochschule has identified a major problem in the integration of refugees into academic education. For some time, refugees have arrived in Hamburg who desire to start of continue their studies but are forced to wait because they do not get accepted at an appropriate institution. In most cases, refugees do not have a sufficient level in German which is a main entry barrier for public universities. Private universities like EBC offer English speaking programs but are usually fairly expensive. EBC is motivated to contribute to solve this societal dilemma by establishing a scholarship program for refugees that enables them to start of continue their academic education shortly after the arrival in Germany. Our consultants developed a concept for the structure and the funding of that program. Among other aspects, it included the collaboration with business partners of EBC and the refugee community in Hamburg.


The vision of the Joblinge initiative is to make a visible and sustainable contribution to the fight against youth unemployment. In Germany, 500.000 youths do not find jobs or apprenticeship positions even though skilled workers are lacking and many positions go unfilled. The objective of Joblinge is to provide disadvantaged, unemployed youth the opportunity to earn a long term placement in an apprenticeship or job and thus lead a self-determined life. The project focused on communication and workflow optimization, and knowledge transfer. A report was delivered by our team which focused on communication problems, which amplify the other surface issues - a set of recommendations and solutions were also provided.


LeetHub is a coworking space, a meeting point and a hub for refugees in Hamburg. Their main goal is being an interface for topics like integration and social participation. Through their different projects they try to positively contribute to open culture of Hamburg. As they believe that people are able to reach their goals on their own, their main projects include empowering people with migration background. LeetHub would like to continue organizing entrepreneurship incubators for refugees and help them to start their own business. They have a lot of creative ideas, necessary know-how and the supportive infrastructure. However, they are still searching for the possibilities of stable fund streams for their projects. Our consultants provided a plan to become more sustainable by focusing on different forms of partnerhips LeetHub can develop to become self-sustainable on long-term and become more inclusive with all its stakeholders.