November 10, 2020


Our consultants are highly-motivated and committed students
who want to achieve positive social effects through their work.

If you would also like to be part of 180 DC Hamburg, click on the button below and fill out the application form! We will get in touch with you as soon as possible with further details about our work and future events.


"I do not think there is a better time-for-value volunteering experience than being a 180DC consultant. It hits multiple birds with one stone - work experience, making a difference and professional training."
Nate Ware
Founder & CEO


180DC connects the untapped capabilities of top university students with the unmet needs of socially conscious organizations.
We provide unparalleled opportunities for talented students to make a real impact in society, gain real working experience and professional training.
Looking for in your life?
We got it all.

Social Impact

Help organizations boost their social and environmental impact with your creative ideas and technical knowledge. Bring your contribution to a better world!

Work Experience

Work on challenging projects in a team and develop hands-down and valuable experience in consulting, social businesses, NGOs, start-ups, you name it! Expand your CV potential with real experience.

Professional Training

Learn more about practices and methods mastered by experts. Expand your knowledge thanks to practical workshops and develop skills by applying it in practice. Learn from experts sharing their year-long experience!

International Connections

Get to know students who share your motivation and ambitions. The 180DC Hamburg network is international and stretches over +10 nationalities. Connect with internationals from all over the world.

Together with like-minded people, you will gain first-hand experience and have a fantastic time.
Join us and support us in achieving a social impact together!
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Of course! Our consultants come from a huge variety of backgrounds, from engineering to mathematics, psychology, humanities to social sciences. Interdisciplinarity is very important to us!

How much experience do I need in consulting?

We appreciate it if you have already experienced the consulting field, but what matters the most is your core competencies, your motivation and your eagerness to learn! This is the reason why you will be supported by a professional consultant as mentor along your project journey.

How many hours do consultants spend on average?

As a consultant, you have complete autonomy in managing your time dedicated to the project. It can be assumed that, on average, about 10 hours per week and per consultant are spent to make a project a success.

Can I decide which project I will work on?

The decision to create groups and the assignment of a project is taken by the 180DC Board. However, we definitely take your preferences into account, together with the skills you excel in and your motivation.

What happens when my project is finished?

As soon as your project is concluded, your Team will be automatically enlist on internal and global competitions to assess (and maybe award!) the quality of your work. And then? You will have the opportunity to lead another consulting project or get involved internally in the 180DC Hamburg Board.

How does 180DC Hamburg work in times of COVID-19?

The Hamburg branch of 180DC is constantly monitoring the situation. We are currently organizing activities and events in a hybrid modality, to allow everyone to join and be safe.