March 30, 2019


Our consultants are highly-motivated and dedicated students who aim to create positive social impact through their work. If you are one of them and you want to become a 180 Degrees Consultant, click on the below button, and fill out the form! We will get in touch with you as soon as possible with further details about our work and future events.

Being a consultant

Joining this NGO will allow you to gain project experience, as well as teaching what responsibility is. As a member of the 180 Degrees Consulting family, you will get the necessary skills and knowledge to start your path towards becoming a consultant that is product-driven and focuses on the impact any organizational decision has on stakeholders. Learn and understand how everyday decision impacts the activity of a social organization. 

We work with professional consulting firms to develop an outsanding consulting approach, and collaborate with local social organizations to organize various training workshops for our member. Enjoy the events and workshops organized by our NGO throughout the year.

Through team working you will develop valuable skills such as creative thinking, problem-solving-oriented acting, and intercultural communication. Things that are a must-have these days for anyone who aspires to work in a field which includes stakeholders from various countries.

You will get to know with us the different business models that are used by social organizations, allowing them not only to be sustainable, but also to positively contribute to the society through their work. Meet social pioneers and get up first-hand experience and knowledge about future business models.

Why become a consultant?

Create a better world

Help organizations maximize their social contributions with your creative ideas and solutions. Bring your contribution to creating a better world.

Gain consulting experience

Work in challenging projects. Learn how to handle projects that impact hundreds of stakeholders. 

Learn from professionals

Find out more about the practices and resources used by professionals in the field. Practice them in workshops, and then apply them in real-case scenarios.

Expand your network

Get to know different students who share your motivation and dedication. Join the biggest pro-bono network of consultants.

Together with like-minded people you will gain great experience and have a fantastic time. The best work is the one that has meaning and does not feel like a work! Therefore, if we have your attention and want to join us, and let’s create together social impact!